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Emerging of cryptocurrencies has created a huge shift in the global economy. Crypto-Currency is becoming more and more popular. But to manipulate the market, to learn how to properly use the digital currency, you need to know everything about it. And that's our mission, to educate you about cryptocurrencies through a modern and effective online hybrid learning, education system. Welcome to, Crypto-Currency Academy, offered to you by Education World Wide.

The world Fiat currencies (Dollar, Euro, etc.) are old, outdated, hard currency is limited in supply, and mismanaged by its current governments (Currency Wars), prone to create (hyper)inflation, and now starting to cause social unrest. Some consider the troubles around fiat currencies only the beginning of a situation that might get irreparably out of hand, resulting in the complete collapse of our economic system

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Block-chain and Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

This is the only global course which provides a complete overview of the still new and developing decentralized digital currency.


Learn about cryptographic building blocks (``primitives``) and reason about their security. Work through how these primitives can be used to construct simple cryptocurrencies.


Get involved with cryptocurrency trading on a practical level, with step-by-step instructions from a trading perspective guiding you through the entire process.


Learn about Crypto parts, a currency protocol layer, and a “backbone” protocol layer, referred to as the Blockchain.


Finding a cryptocurrency exchange is a task of its self. Then, the next question – which is the best cryptocurrency exchange? This question has become paramount in the minds of the cryptocurrency users and investors.


The term ‘mining’ is slang for the use of computational power to process transactions for a cryptocurrency blockchain in order to receive a reward of cryptocurrency for the effort.


Cryptocurrencies bring freedom of payment to their users. Users of cryptocurrencies are not limited spatially or in time when making the payments, so the users are in full control.
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So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.


You will learn the skills how to use and understand the digital currencies, with different segments of working within the crypto-currency ecosphere.


Your Learning process is a completely interactive hybrid learning system, guiding you to understand and manipulate the way how crypto-currencies can work on your behalf


Knowledge you are going to achieve and gain through this course will provide you with full overview of digital currency system.

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